Monday, 13 March 2017

Early Spring Update

Preparing the bed for the parsnip seeds

In the PCP garden we practice crop rotation and this year bed number 7 is going to be one of two beds allocated to root vegetables.   Before anything could be planted we cleared  the bed of weeds, conditioned and finally raked the soil.   Parsnip and early carrot seeds were then sown in rows 30cm apart.

Some of the gardeners have been working very hard to tidy up around the greenhouse. They've been doing a lot of digging and clearing weeds to make way for a new gravel pathway.

Meanwhile inside the greenhouse space is at a premium already.  We've sown more seeds including chilli, broccoli, chives, beetroot and marigolds. Some of the vegetables and herbs will be potted up when ready to be sold at the PCP.   The leeks that were sown a few weeks ago are growing nicely and have now been separated and put into individual modules.

...Like I said, 'some' of the gardeners were working very hard to build a new path around the greenhouse

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