Sunday, 14 May 2017

More great plants for sale

Geranium Magnificum

The plants we sell at the PCP garden are always really popular with our visitors. We are now able to add more variety to the range. 

Geranium Magnificum is a lovely hardy blue cranesbill geranium that we have growing in our garden at the Pioneering Care Centre.  These plants are in large pots and great value at £1-50 each.

Also available are blackcurrant bushes, most of which are two year old plants and these too are only £1-50.  There are loads of these blackcurrants in our fruit beds and are very popular among our gardeners.

We will have lots more plants ready very soon including cabbages, broccoli, broad beans and a selection of herbs and flowers so keep checking back to see what we have.

To see what we have available at the moment please use this link 

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